ReadSpeed results. 2 SSDs + spinner

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New member
Oct 9, 2020
Houston, TX
Driv Size  Drive Identity     Location:    0      25%     50%     75%     100
---- ----- ---------------------------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------
81  5.0TB TOSHIBA MD04ACA500            215.0   209.0   186.7   153.4   108.8
82  512GB INTEL SSDSC2KW512G8           574.7   575.5   558.6   525.5   575.6
83  512GB INTEL SSDSCKKW512G8           569.6   555.0   526.4   576.0   576.1

Have to say, I'm pretty happy! A little surprised that the Intel NVMe is about the same speed as the traditional Intel SATA.
@TheCaptain989 it is possible for a m.2 form factor SSD to operate in AHCI mode over SATA. Are you sure it's a true NVME drive (which runs directly over PCI-E) or is it just an m.2 form factor?

That would explain why it's hitting the limits of SATA 3.
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