RC6 is amazing - Thank you All

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New member
Feb 2, 2024
Got RC6 today and ran it against a laptop I am repurposing.
Fast and easy USB creation.
Had a scan running in 4 minutes.
Ran a scan at level 2 - very quick, compared to prior scans.
Ran a level 4 and it was also quick, finding a bad sector that was haunting me.

Well done to all the testers - it is clearly a quality product based on your efforts to find issues, and Steve's ability and doggedness to reduce the issues list to zero.

Congrats and thank you from a long time SpinRite user.

Thanks for your feedback, Ted. Since the paint is wet on this puppy, and since all of us have long since lost all objectivity, it's nice to hear from those who are encountering it for the first time. I was wishing I had maintained a list of all of the (very) many things that are new and/or improved over 6.0, but I didn't really understand when we started out that so much was going to wind up being "new and/or improved", so the idea of capturing them all didn't occur to me. <g>