QNAP via OpenVPN

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Mythic Jelly

New member
May 20, 2021
In reference to recent discussions about QNAP security flaws: if one installs the QVPN service on QNAP, enables OpenVPN, and only opens those required port(s) on the internet router/firewall to the internet, would that not be secure for remote access?
No one who isn't focused on security can promise they've done it well. QNAP has never apparently focused on security. You would be placing your trust on the QVPN service to not be vulnerable in some way... and given their long standing lack of quality and security I would be unwilling to make that gamble.
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I'm with PHolder on this one. I'd much rather buy a Pi, set up an OpenVPN server there, and then use that as my VPN gateway into my network rather than Trusting QNAP's implementation.

If you did want to stick with the QNAP, though, you could utilize Container Station and run LinuxServer's OpenVPN-AS container image, and configure it to your liking.
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