Privacy and Javascript, a losing combination

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Sep 16, 2020
Ontario, Canada

I can find nothing to like about JavaScript... which is why I run with it off by default (yay uMatrix.) Going to this site with my default config makes the page useless (which is a good thing.) Just by looking at it though, I can already tell how scary it could be if I went with scripting enabled.

@Steve, as a side note, it might be a good additional topic in this area for "Privacy" which is not quite the same as "Security".
I generally agree - Javascript has two sides - function vs. what's beyond "reasonable"

What are current recommendations for easily handling Javascript (vs web site function)?

I have been using NoScript and am generally content. U Block Origin gets discussed but I have not given it a solid test.
I also run with scripting off by default. i.e., globally turned off in UBO. A great many web sites are fine without it.

For those that do use scripting, I can turn it on in UBO on a per website basis, e.g. when it is needed to render/display desirable/legitimate page content.

If I think I may return to a website, I may save the config in UBO for next time. If not, I don't. Thus scripting is always off when I visit a new website for the first time.
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Yes. I tell people to install uBO and forget to point them to the wiki (online user manual, basically), where they'll find filter lists to subscribe to and all sorts of detailed help, such as how to enable strong filtering and disable on a site-by-site basis, as you've mentioned, and how to write filters of your own with maximal efficiency. (attached: were you aware of these two uBO-specific shortcuts?)


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