Pogo's astonishing “Data & Picard” creation

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(as in GRC)
Staff member
Feb 1, 2019
Southern CA, USA
Shortly after stumbling upon this — I have no idea how, I tweeted the link to this utterly amazing YouTube video. The first reply was from someone stating that for a moment he assume my Twitter account had been hacked. But I take some solace in noting from the comments about this video (which has been viewed nearly 10 million times) that many others have been equally hooked and astonished by this piece of work.

Consider that he took audio samples from the show (I recognize many of the segments from the series) and re-pitched them all to fit the melody. And the melody and tonality is wonderful. Did he compose that? And then there's his lighting. He's obviously done all of this in front of green screens with compositing, against scenes from the series... and his own foreground lighting perfectly matches the scene he's set in front of. And then there's his acting, where he accurately captures and mimics the mannerisms from those two beloved characters.

I don't know who guy is, but I'm astonished. This is a caliber of work I can respect, without embarrassment, and like many others who have stumbled upon this, I've lost count of the number of times I've watched it. (You can click in the lower left of the embed below to view the video on YouTube in full size and with comments...)

There's something about it that's haunting. So... in case anyone else might feel similarly, I wanted to share it here. :)
Thanks for sharing, Steve. An amazing and mesmerizing production. I have watched all the versions, full volume with headphones, and will be watching in the HT later. The dubbed version featuring the real Picard and Data is my favourite. I cannot believe that I had not come across this before. Also inspiration for my new long password.
Thanks for sharing, Steve. An amazing and mesmerizing production. I have watched all the versions, full volume with headphones
Please tell us in a few months if your hearing has been compromised in any way. :)