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This sounds right. Because so many drives these days are NOT MBR, they're GPT, and DOS and SpinRite 6 couldn't handle a GPT partition. Rather than allowing the drive to cause issues preventing SpinRite from working with it at all, it's likely Steve just removed the support for "comprehending" the partitions. I suspect GPT support (if any) for SpinRite will be part of the 7.x series.
Because so many drives these days are NOT MBR, they're GPT
Naw, this is on my old XPS15z, the same one that millq6.exe trashed the dual boot sector of the c drive & usb thumb drive. They are definitely MBR. I distinctly remember under v6, both partitions were shown under drive 0, as Items 3 & 4 I think win 7 & win 10. In 6.1 all I see is one drive! In the attached shot, of another computer, you see it working on Item 7. Unfortunately my copy of 6 is at a friends house, on this very screen shot, so I cannot check, yes I know I could download a copy of 6 and check, but I am going to see him this week, so do not want to waste time making another cd.
Thanks for the input though.


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They are definitely MBR
I wasn't implying it would do MBR partitions. The implication was that Steve had removed ANY support for partitions because there are ones he can't yet support properly (GPT.) As mentioned above, this appears to be the situation... it's now whole drives.