NextDNS with YogaDNS FTW!

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Sep 29, 2020
TL-DR: YogaDNS+ NextDNS assures COMPLETE browsing security for *ALL* Internet-aware programs against voyeuristic providers.

regarding all the browsing/resolution problems I have had over the last month or so as I referenced in my earlier post lead me to research YogaDNS which is a client that assures one uses DoH/DNSSEC and such.
it was a nightmare!
over the last month or so, i suddenly was unable to consistently browse websites, then finally connect after spamming Try Again, then a few clicks later on THE SAME SITE, both FireFox & WaterFox would again, not be able to find the site. o_O I could not even listen to on WinAmp without it frequently buffering!

I began thinking something was amiss on my system, even with hard coded CloudFlare, then NextDNS, browsing was still like running in molasses.
so I ran multiple Live CD AVs with nothing found,
then DBAN'd the HD, re-installed a previous image, also with no resolution,
then began suspecting my network equipment when the browsing problem was still not resolved.

after having implemented YogaDNS, and tied it with my NextDNS acct,
I have been burning through on both WaterFox & FireFox as many websites I could find,
and every one of them was displaying with an alacrity I had only seen in the past! WinAmp also played flawlessly for many hours, even with streaming video on the browser!

these events also show that Sprint/tmob are screwing around with standard DNS. :mad::mad::mad:
(as their hateful posting some weeks ago about the "selling" of their customers' browsing habits showed, the opt-out option they provided was only boilerplate)

now that my DNS is super-secured, I have experienced a very fast & stable Internet connection!!!!

also a weird problem prior to using YogaDNS, my struggles to display web-pages also seem to affect the Sprint WISP modem i use which caused it to drop/acquire IPs numerous times within the span of a few hours.

NOW, today, since implementing YogaDNS, I have had the same IP address for the entire day! :D
(I know, a seemingly weird and strangely related problem, but there it is)

i share in the hopes this will help others similarly affected.
"TL-DR: YogaDNS+ NextDNS assures COMPLETE browsing security for *ALL* Internet-aware programs against voyeuristic providers.

"now that my DNS is super-secured, I have experienced a very fast & stable Internet connection!!!!"

Nice try. Advertising.

TL-DR: Just install Bind9 or any other DNS resolver - better to have your own, local, fastest possible DNS resolver than relying on third party.