My Pile o' Drives - with graphs.

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Sep 27, 2020
i have a metaphorical "pile o' drives used to save all my stuffs on.
8 attached to the Sata ports on my ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero and 2 more attached to a PCIe sata adapter.
I'm actually glad it picked up the PCIe ones, but i do have an issue with that controller with windows, if a drive has issues reading it stalls windows, will have to test it out with SR6.1 once released.

1st it was a pain to boot, after finding the correct setting in the bios the bios created 2 entries in the boot, 1 was UEFI the other was just usb. the bios defaulted to the UEFI and then failed to boot even gave a D9 post code. once the just USB was selected it booted right up. something to note for some bios-es.

2nd here is the simple results

81 2.0TB Hitachi HUA722020ALA331 126.6 117.4 104.7 89.0 62.5
82 2.0TB Hitachi HUA722020ALA331 132.1 125.0 110.7 93.6 66.2
83 2.0TB WDC WD2002FYPS-01U1B1 109.0 100.9 87.6 73.3 52.5
84 2.0TB WDC WD2002FYPS-01U1B1 107.2 98.1 86.1 72.2 50.8
85 3.0TB Hitachi HUS724030ALE641 157.0 145.4 131.5 112.8 81.8
86 3.0TB Hitachi HUS724030ALE641 154.6 146.8 132.8 112.7 83.8
87 8.0TB ST8000DM004-2CX188 194.7 173.6 160.2 132.1 85.2
88 480GB Crucial_CT480M500SSD1 501.8 271.5 495.7 270.8 271.0
89 480GB Crucial_CT480M500SSD1 478.3 540.8 540.8 540.8 372.6
8A 8.0TB ST8000DM004-2CX188 191.5 181.0 159.0 122.5 77.7

Benchmarked: Sunday, 2021-01-24 at 17:40

3rd, somethings i noticed
my 2 3tb drives (85 and 86) have a weird dip in performance about every 6 chunks

my 2 SSDs (88 and 89) have like 2 modes. 500 and 270
88 - is probably my boot ssd
89 - is probably my Steam SSD

the 8TB Drives (87 an 8A) are new as of 2 months ago.
only my SSDs work with SpinRite 6 so the 2, 3 and 8TB will not let me run them currently because of GPT and i'm glad that this is picking them up.


1 adding Serial Number to the log file so i can tell my drives apart of which is having errors
2 give the option for CSV export although it is constant enough that loading it in Notepad++ and some Search and replace was able to get it formatted fairly easily.

5th, i made the larger file with the "-1" option
it took some time, but i converted the thing to a CSV and imported in to Libre office. here are my fancy charts i created.

81 2.0TB Hitachi HUA722020ALA331 126.6 117.5 104.9 89.1 62.5


82 2.0TB Hitachi HUA722020ALA331 132.1 125.2 111 93.9 66.2


83 2.0TB WDC WD2002FYPS-01U1B1 109 101 87.6 73.3 52.6

84 2.0TB WDC WD2002FYPS-01U1B1 107.2 98.1 86.1 72.2 50.7


85 3.0TB Hitachi HUS724030ALE641 157 145.4 131.5 112.8 81.8


86 3.0TB Hitachi HUS724030ALE641 154.6 146.8 132.8 112.7 83.8


87 8.0TB ST8000DM004-2CX188 194.7 173.6 159.7 132.1 85.2


88 480GB Crucial_CT480M500SSD1 501.8 271.5 501.6 270.5 270.9


89 480GB Crucial_CT480M500SSD1 478.3 541.1 541.1 541.1 372.7


8A 8.0TB ST8000DM004-2CX188 191.1 181 159 122.5 77.7

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