Maybe your co-worker is a FAKE!

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I'd say if you're using a deep fake to apply for a job, and there's not a compelling need for privacy, security, or anonymity, then you're probably not a very trustworthy employee. If you're using the fake to fake being at the job, same thing. Another thing to be concerned about is that bots could be applying, and that the bots could be either autonomous or controlled by people that maybe shouldn't be huge influencers. Then, again, if I was to create a blog or vlog on a very controversial topic, I might use a fake stage persona (and say so) for security and privacy reasons.

May your bits be stable and your interfaces be fast. :cool: Ron
Reminds me of a TV series "What We Do In The Shadows", where a character gets called into the boss' office. Along the way he is thinking that they finally figured out he didn't know what the company does. Turns out he gets promoted.
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