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Sep 24, 2020
Just listened to SN #836.

Here's a couple of items I took note of:
  • Mēris is pronounced Meeris (prolonged e that sounds like an English "eh" but without inflexion). Google Translate has a pronounce translation feature :)
  • To be precise, IPv6 does not have the ARP protocol. It uses the NDP protocol over ICMPv6.
  • We do have a very used Layer 6 protocol: TLS. It encapsulates HTTP into a TLS packet that's then handled by TCP (HTTP/2 and earlier) or UDP (HTTP/3).
    On the layer 5, there's Remote Procedure Calls.

    I wasn't sure whether TLS would be Layer 5 or Layer 6, so I looked up on Wikipedia, which has a very handy table :)
Keep up the amazing work
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