LastPass changes will make free tier less useful

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Oct 6, 2020
and it is with great interest that Bitwarden is now a sponsor on the Twit network, specifically Security Now :)
It was great to hear that on the Podcast, also funny to hear Leo tiptoe around the "Other" password manager and how he's ditched it.

Good luck to Lastpass (Logmein), but I'm glad to be rid of that rollercoaster of a company.
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Sep 30, 2020
I made my switch to bitwarden yesterday. Export LP csv file and import into BW. Doesn't get any easier. Going to migrate all friends and family over.

I've watched my subs increase by 4x and it is simply no longer justifyable to pay that much as a user.


Mar 3, 2021
I've been meaning to ditch LP for some opensource alternative. Thanks, LastPass! I do feel encouraged, now.
I switched to KeepassXC for Linux, but it doesn't have syncing or mobile, and it's buggy on the login fill. So I switched to Bitwarden free, which has multi-device syncing and mobile versions. It is also open source. You can run your own sync server, which will become necessary when Bitwarden is sold.


What could possibly go wrong?
Nov 7, 2020
Bitwarden free tier for personal use is for life, apparently. I am happy to use their platform for my blob of randomness, 500'000 rounds should be enough for now.


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May 9, 2021
So it actually doesn't bother me (much) that I have to choose between only using it between PC & mobile since I've used it alongside another PW manager (LogMeOnce). I've decided I no longer need to use LP on mobile since I can just keep using LogMeOnce on mobile.

What bothers me now w/ using LP on PC is that LP has seemed to become useless now. It used to be able to do form-filling (like for entering sweepstakes and entering in my address) but now it doesn't seem to do that anymore. Has that feature been taken away in the FREE version too?


Dec 6, 2020
This was the final push I needed to move away from LastPass. I've been a user for over 10 years and a paid user for the majority of that time. But last time my subscription ran out they didn't notify me. I only found out a couple months later after I started wondering why I'm no longer getting Yubikey prompts when I log in. They had disabled my 2nd factor authentication without telling me. That's when I figured they were no longer on top of things and stopped paying them. When this news hit I switched to Bitwarden and I'm extremely happy with it. The export/import procedure took less than 10 minutes and the plugin works much better than LastPass of late.
I am in a similar position. I was using LP well before LMI bought them and gladly paid the annual price to have LP premium. Over the years I have started to have issues with LP and their support is not good at all. If I were using the free tier the poor support experience would be somewhat understood, but you'd think the paid LP users would get better support (or even slightly better), but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I use LP at work, as well, but have a separate work account. I'm not experiencing the same LP issues with my work account so I know the issue I'm having with my personal account is a browser issue, caching issue, etc...something specific to my account and not the actual LP service, however, I've done everything their support has told me to do (one ticket took about 90 days to get a 3rd reply from LP) and the issue is still there.

I am done waiting for LP, I am going to slowly stop using the service and I am going to switch to something else.

I was glad to hear Steve and Leo talk about LP and how great of a company it was (prior to the LMI purchase) and that Steve spoke with the LP founder and was very happy with how LP handled security/encryption/etc.

I know Steve hasn't had a chance and won't have time to vet all password managers, but based on what I hear on the podcast and read on forums, it looks like 1Password and Bitwarden are the two I'll be looking at.
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Sep 19, 2020
I pulled the plug on LP when it was first announced they were changing. Moved to Bitwarden.

No regrets at all ...
Same situation here, although it took me a while to evaluate the alternatives. The transition was painless and quick. I have only experienced one issue where the password is auto entered in a secondary screen that is asking a security question. This is likely a miscoded web site.

Making the switch also introduced me to Authy which I am now using for 2FA with four other accounts.

a viewer

Sep 30, 2020
It is a pain to get, but 1password has a local version, so you don't depend on their online services. Convenient if it is for your own use, or don't need to share passwords with others