FYI Last of a dying breed?

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a viewer

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Sep 30, 2020
Indeed analog is not fashionable. Most circuits you would have designed as analog are now digital. Who uses a venerable full bridge rectifier as a power source? Even the smallest projects use smps. You don't use a comparator but an adc + logic. Besides a big rabbit hole for ee was ham radio, and it is a rarity now. Think AM is almost gone in many markets.

However as the article mentioned, design is almost magic now. I would have no idea where to start designing a 5 GHz system, and that is any computer now. Have you taken a look under the hood of any car lol Some don't even have space to slide your hand there. I know more mechanical engineering, but all controls and sensors there are now digital. Cars even have buses.


Have you tried the browser in troubleshooting mode? There are so many plugins and features, you never know. Then the js on web pages do all sorts of things behind you


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Oct 1, 2020
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Very true for engineering disiplines. High rewards for the few that can.


Chief Adm., Dept. of Garrulous Redundancy
Sep 17, 2020
Kentucky, USA
On a side note... The forum software here seemed to grab the contents of my clipboard after just adding the subject line of a message... not sure how it was added i dont recall pasting anything into a message.

Javascript can see browser text that you've selected (i.e. to quote in reply on this forum), but modern browsers should not allow it to read the system clipboard without a pop-up permission. See here for more info and a test of multiple API methods on most browsers here. JS can write to the clipboard in many browsers, but that's much less of an issue unless it helps achieve some other malicious goal.

I'm not claiming that you're wrong as I've had some unexplained things happen while browsing over the past year or so, but unless someone can correct me, script running in a web page shouldn't have permission to grab clipboard contents until you shove those contents in with the Paste command. Any text and input events already inside the page is fair game, however.