Jumpcloud - Anyone used it?

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Nov 9, 2020
Hi guys,

I'm planning to raise a risk again using Windows as the endpoint OS for the company I work for.
Should be interesting to see the response as it'd mean changing the OS on 80k+ devices! :D
I'd also be promoting a move away from on-prem AD to something that's OS-agnostic.

Rather than just toss a grenade over the wall, I'd be keen to suggest some more modern solutions we might consider.
I came across Jumpcloud (https://jumpcloud.com/) and was curious if anyone here had used it?

Thanks all,
Not used it and no experience of similar solutions, but I would be wary of moving to a cloud based solution. If you were planning to run your own instance in-house, that might be a different matter. For 80k+ devices, it sounds as if you have the scale to run your own AD equivalent.
I fondly remember scoping up a desktop OS deployment in the 90s that would have been based on OS/2. It never flew even though it was technically superior to Win 3.11 back then....

Rather than isolate the risk of running Windows as a server and endpoint in a company by moving away from it, I think you're better to highlight the risks that still exist with Windows to drive investment to add additional controls into the mix. Training 80k users on a new OS comes with a hefty price tag in itself, never mind the deployment costs.

Like it or not, the Windows space is mature with skills and technology to fill out the gaps. Hardening, layering, zoning, admin rights - these are all the things to think about.

Getting rid of MS products in your company will just change the problem (in my opinion).