ISP's that use the customers telephone number as their WiFi password.

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Sep 20, 2020
It may surprise you (or not) but there are still ISP's (Mainly Frontier) who almost always use the customer's telephone number as their Wi-Fi password.

I was at a customers house today helping him with a new router his son just set up for him. They set his landline telephone number as the Wifi Password and they also put his last name in the SSID *Face Palm*

I told him no, just NO! Never use your telephone number as your Wifi Password and NEVER put your last name in your SSID ESPECIALLY if you're using your telephone number as your wifi password! Idiots!

Frontier's usage of people's phone numbers is SO widespread in this town, that I was sitting in a bar one night a couple of years ago having a beer. I opened my phone's wifi to see which businesses showed up. 1 showed up that was located next door. I looked their phone number up on google and it CONNECTED!

I was also sitting inside the subway located inside Walmart. I looked in my phone and their wifi showed up so I typed in their telephone number and BOOM! Connected!

If you were to drive down the streets in this town and see an Access point with "Frontier" and if you could figure out the house it's coming from there is a 99% chance the password is their phone number. Or if you wanted to try cracking it just use 712546**** and just have it figure out the last 4 which usually happens in under 4 seconds.

I posted on Twitter to frontier telling them to stop that practice but the person responding to me kept telling me frontier NEVER does that. Alright, whatever you say.
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