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Sep 29, 2020
I intended to post something in the Security Now section following SN 907. Having read the book wherein Bruce Schneier suggesting writing down your complex password and keeping it in your wallet, and not even once using the password Monkey1234 (except for maybe that one time back in the 90s). You can memorize a pretty complex password if you break it into memorable chunks and use mnemonics for the special characters. I figure I'm an "expert" on passwords and everybody needs to hear my opinion. (I also appear to be an expert on run-on sentences.)

But, before that, last weekend I decided to update from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04. I couldn't find a sufficiently dumbed down (er, I mean one written for experts like me) set of instructions to do that from the terminal like had I found previously when going from 18.04 to 20.04. I could have tried harder. I wasn't sure about when, if and/or how to modify my sources.list file. So I just used the GUI updater. Humiliating.

It all went okay, except for an error message having to do with something called libdvd.

A few days later I noticed that there was a Chrome browser update. I went to the terminal and ran apt update and saw that it found the Chrome update. Good. I also found some instructions about how to reconfigure libdvd, did that and installed VLC since the libdvd thingamajig comes from the same site. It made sense to me. Stop snickering.

I rebooted. I typed in my password: nvme... cryptsetup failed. Wrong password. 'No, I've typed this a million times. It's right. Oh, is that a capital?' To many tries. Reset. Failed. Google: cryptset fails after update to Jammy

Google of course finds something. Something to do with OpenSSL maybe. Huh? Suggestion is to make a bootable USB and try to unlock the hard drive that way. Um okay. I'll try. First, put 22.04 on a USB stick. Took me a while. Not something I've done lately. Spare computer is really old. I have mostly everything backed up. I might just have to fresh install.(?)

Got my USB stick in hand. I'm going to try my password one more time. Typing ... 'Wait a minute. Is there a 'k' in this password? No. There isn't!' The better part of Wednesday afternoon. I'm such a dope. Where's my wallet?