Is SpinRite 6.1 really that different?

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New member
Feb 7, 2024
I’m a loyal Security Now listener and was happy to have an opportunity to use SpinRite. My son, a habitual Mac user, needed a Windows laptop for a new project. I had an old HP Pavilion machine that had slowed to the point it became unusable. Assuming the drive needed error correcting, I purchased a SpinRite license to check it out.
I downloaded SR6.0, booted the laptop from CDROM and began a level 4 scan. SpinRite estimated it would take about 94 hours to process the entire 800GB drive. Wanting to give my son an answer in less than four days, I found a pre-release image of SR6.1, rebooted the laptop, started the scan, and went to bed.

In the morning, I saw that the scan had completed in less than 4:30 hours!

I rebooted the computer and confirmed that as good as SpinRite 6.1 is, Windows still sucks and there is nothing SpinRite can do about it.

SpinRite 6.1 is amazing. It clearly was a massive effort and deserves a higher version number. While my son isn’t getting a free Windows machine, I know that I have a solid laptop that will make a great Linux Mint workstation for my home lab of the local school.
SpinRite 6.1 is amazing. It clearly was a massive effort and deserves a higher version number.
Thanks for your note and feedback, @lamwilli. It really is very much appreciated, especially as we're finally emerging from what was, as you correctly noted, a massive effort.

It truly was a team effort. I'm always more than happy to code — it's what I love more than anything else — and all I really want is to produce the best possible result within whatever constraints are imposed. But it was equally the amazing group of volunteers who, while they were also having some fun, were still patiently testing (over and over endlessly) and pounding on all of this very new code.

The first document I've prepared is "SpinRite v6.1 for SpinRite 6.0 owners", meaning "if you already know SpinRite from 6.0, what has changed in SpinRite 6.1" — and so, yeah, I also know what you mean about it needing a larger version number change. But that will come with the next project... 7.0!!

Until then, thank you so much for your support and feedback!
You did not state if SpinRite found errors with the hard drive.
Windows not booting may well be a windows issue of corrupt files etc and not an issue with the hard drive itself.
Did you try windows recovery via disc/usb
How about the final candidate being declared as ver6.22
At times during torturous testing of the alpha releases, I've thought version 6.66 might be an appropriate version number. I was, after all, having a helluva time in — more ways than one!;)