Is it worthwhile isolating devices on your home ‘secure’ LAN

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Oct 4, 2020
For this discussion IoT devices have already been isolated so they cannot see any phones, laptops, tablets, printers or NAS so these devices. All the phones, laptops, NAS etc are on the same subnet. The question is, do you think it’s worthwhile isolating our phones, laptops, tablets, etc from each other on a home LAN? How many of you do isolate your phones etc from each other and what’s the likelihood and possible impact of not doing so?
isolating our phones, laptops, tablets, etc from each other on a home LAN
That's not technically possible... by definition a LAN is a broadcast domain. I presume what you're suggesting is that each device has an active firewall and only lets through things from somewhere else on the network.
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The segmentation system shouldn't transmit broadcasts across subnets. But, yes, for things on the same subnet, they'll see each other normally. IOT should be on a separate wifi with separate password. Controlling IOT things with a device on the secure net can be tricky. BlueTooth might work but that could also be an attack vector. For the wired parts of the lan, the switch (NOT hub) should only forward packets that need to go to each port. Not sure if it forwards broadcast packets. Each device should be running its own firewall and should be set not to respond to broadcast packets or even specific addressed packets unless there is a need. I personally don't do device to device usage over the lan, so I don't care if everything ignores everything else. The exception is the printer, which must respond to requests. If you're doing video streaming or file serving with your own server, that would be another thing. If you're using a "Y" 3 dumb routers type setup, and your printer is on the outermost router nearest the internet, anything on any inner router can still access the printer. The fewer IOT things you have, the lower that attack surface. There are no hard fast answers in my opinion but I like as much intra device isolation as possible.

May your bits be stable and your interfaces be fast. :cool: Ron
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