Interesting password complexity tables

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Lennie in SDak
I came across this blog post and thought it might be of interest to others. These tables could be useful in explaining password entropy:
In 2023 it's really pretty simple. You should not be generating passwords any more, you should be using a password manager. It's then easy to create a password that is 32 or more random characters for every site and you won't reuse them. This table then applies only to your master password for your password manager, and for that you should probably consider a lengthy pass phrase (25+ characters.) How to come up with good, secure, memorable pass phrases has been covered elsewhere.
The article is a 2023 update. The image that is embedded compares the RTX 2080, 3090, and 4090.

Later on, they compare the 4090 to 8 A100 GPUs you can rent from AWS, showing how much the color goes down the scale.

They are making the data. The table in the post above is for md5, they made tables using bcrypt comparing the 3090 to the 8 A100