Initdisk getting Windows error code: 0x015

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Jeff Dunn

Oct 5, 2020
My USB thumb drive is recognized under Linux but it will not allow me to format it. So I tried initdisk and got the Windows error code: 0x015 looking for ideas ? If no good ideas I will just buy a new one
Huh. Could you take a photo and attach it to a Twitter message. I'll go look for it. Note that I don't actually use Twitter at all in any way during the week. I only go there Monday when I'm collecting feedback. :) Thanks!
Here is a screen shot
Not sure if this matters, but I was using the drive with Ventoy and I had just copied a iso file and selected safely remove and it was ok to remove it. I tried chkdsk and got an error raw disks are not supported.
Hey Jeff. The line above that “The device is not ready” provides the most info.

What else are we seeing on the screen? Is this a true Native Windows running on hardware? Or are you doing something fancy with VM's or something? InitDisk uses VERY low-level access APIs to do what it does. So if the environment is virtualized or otherwise "fancy" somehow, that could be the cause of the trouble?
Well I ran ValiDrive on this USB drive awhile back when validrive was released and it matched the drive specs. I just tried it again and it failed

Which is what I thought, so I ordered a replacement. I will keep the broken around to test on any new versions of initdrive.

But thanks for your time