InitDisk Crashes with Disk Management Window Open

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Miso hungry
Sep 26, 2020
Sushi Bar, USA
Thread title describes issue. I was trying to use disk management in Win10 to format a large (256gb Samsung Fit) flash drive as MBR and wasn't having luck. Decided to give InitDisk a shot. It kept hanging and eventually terminating. I noticed it can also cause some wonky behavior while it does this if you have your cursor in a text field. Anyway, I realized disk management could be locking the drive or something similar, so I closed it, and InitDisk worked just fine.

Just wanted to let you know @Steve since I'm guessing a lot of users might have a similar experience given the natural progression of events, starting with a built in Windows util and then downloading InitDisk without closing the other util.
@Sushi : Thanks for sharing that observation. I've made a note in the InitDisk project “ToDo” for follow-up next time I'm over there working on it. I'll first see whether I can duplicate what you found, then see whether I can detect the trouble from within InitDisk's API work. If so, I'll add a clear note about that. But if not, I'll have InitDisk check the user's desktop first for the presence of the "Disk Management" window. Thanks!
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