I HATE Captchas!!! - Recaptcha help article

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Sep 30, 2020
Hi all. I just wanted to drop a quick *RANT* to vent some steam. And, maybe give you all a useful link. As the subject says I HATE captchas. Ever since @Steve and Leo introduced us to NoScript, I've been disabling Javascript everywhere possible. I still use NoScript on Firefox. On Brave (Chrome based), I have the settings such that all Javascript is disabled unless I turn it on for a site. The user interface isn't as clean as NoScript and, when I allow scripts for a site, it's only for that site unless I go into the whitelist and add related sites.

I just tried to log into Paypal and it tried to display a stupid captcha from Recaptcha. It wouldn't even display. Scripts for Paypal are turned on. I think scripts for recaptcha.net are turned on (if I remember). Scripts for Google are off though. After staring at a blank screen for a while, it popped up a link to a "help" page, which wasn't helpful. Here's the link for y'all in case it helps you.

So, as of this moment, I cannot log into Paypal on Brave. I may have to try it in Firefox where NoScript gives me more visibility into what's trying to load.

Even if a captcha loads, many times, I'm incapable of proving I'm a human. I spend 3-5 minutes picking fire hydrants, bicycles, vehicles, horses, boats, etc. Sometimes, after picking all the palm trees, another captcha loads and I get to pick horses. What fun! Does that fuzzy picture represent a horse, or a donkey? A bicycle, or a motorcycle? Is a moped a motorcycle? Is a school bus a bus? Is that really a mountain, or is it a hill? If a traffic light covers 3.5 squares in the grid, how many should I click? This is better than a fidget spinner as a time waster!

And, still, I'm not logged into Paypal nor getting anything actually done related to my finances!!!!!!!

I'm not necessarily asking for help with the login. Just wanted to vent, as opposed to putting my fist through the computer. Hopefully, you all can at least empathize with me. 8-(

OK. *RANT OFF*. We return you to your regular programming. Hope the link is helpful.

May your bits be stable and your interfaces be fast. :cool: Ron
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Deanne Bray's daughter Kyra was asked by friends at school to teach them sign language during recess. So Kyra decided to set up a club and made forms for people who might be interested! Great job Kyra! She even included a CAPTCHA.
Same thoughts here, trying to figure out something from the fuzzy pictures.

Off topic: I thought I was the only one still using pin feed paper. I salvaged the end of a large roll of pin feed from the trash many years ago and am still using it. On closer look I don't think the paper in the pic is pin feed.