How to disable the cache in your browser.

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Sep 30, 2020
Hi all. I was having a very strange problem on Amazon where I would search for something like hobby display cases. With the sort menu set to featured, I would get, say, 300 results. Then, when I sorted by price, it would drop to 30. Stuff like this has been happening to me for years and is very frustrating. I probably wasted hours tonight. I decided to complain and got on a long chat with an Amazon rep. Eventually, he told me to clear the browser cache. That apparently solved the problem. I told him to report it to management as I consider that a design flaw. I did a little research and found this article:

Apparently, javascript is pulled from the cache rather than the web page. That seems to be a stupid design to me. You've probably been told to clear your cache at one time or another to fix a problem. Well, I'm tired of it. This Amazon problem has been haunting me for years. I also leave my browser open for weeks at a time with 300 tabs like @Steve . So, as of now, I'm trying the plugins listed in that article to disable the cache entirely, one for Brave, one for Firefox. Having a minor speed increase isn't worth it for me to create these kinds of problems. So, I thought I'd pass it along to you all in case it's helpful to you. Good luck.

EDIT: I just tried to plugin in Brave. My Amazon search still is changing the number of search results depending on whether I sort by featured or price. I don't know why. I'm still leaving the cache disabled regardless - assuming the plugin even works.

May your bits be stable and your interfaces be fast. :cool: Ron
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I remember there being a disable cache in the dev tools. However, considering when I saw it, and how unreliable my memory is, there's a chance this was a Firebug feature... which means this was an extension to Firefox that was made because Firefox didn't have a native dev tools yet, and is the reason we have dev tools now.

Edit: Firefox has it on the network tab. Too lazy to look at Chrome's
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Command+Option+R on macOS, in Safari.
Not sure for Edge, as it doesn't change its value for Reload in the View menu.
Plugin "Cookie AutoDelete" has a function to clear everything for a domain. Maybe try that, it's a nice plug-in that I have on all of my browsers.