Have you been referenced on Security Now!

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Barry Wallis

Professional Magician
This post got me wondering how many of us have had our 15 seconds of fame by being referenced on the podcast (I know @Simon Zerafa has many times). I've been featured in three episodes but only two transcripts. To see where you've been referenced simply go to @Steve's site, click on search in the upper left corner and then click on Security Now! instead of All. I remembered one if them about SETI but didn't remember the other two.
I think I got an indirect reference without being explicitly named. I also used to send Steve DMs on Twitter with interesting info, and I think one of them led to a segment on the show. I've definitely had an effect on TWiT shows a time or too... I once made a joke in IRC which Leo took as real, and mentioned in on air, and then realized it was a joke and had to call it back. :oops:
I was only once:

I found some old podcasts the Eurythmics did after using SpinRite on a drive I had for backups that stopped working.

You can listen to them via this link if interested

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Hm, I thought I had been mentioned once in a relatively recent podcast during the speed test development... But I can't find it in the transcripts. So I must be mistaken. Maybe it was just a mention in one of his newsgroup posts :cool:
I was in Security Now! #188, at 01:26:05.
It was a tip about setting your own PIN for identification in PayPal

LEO: Yes. As we've learned. Tazz in Nova Scotia has some relief from PayPal concerns, just in the nick of time. He says: Steve and Leo, I'm a little behind on listening to Security Now! due to being busy at work. I'm catching up. I have listened to SN-182, and I have a little info for the PayPal football and security question dilemma. If you log onto PayPal and go to My Account, then Edit Profile, down at the bottom of the account information column there is something called Identification Preferences.

The web page the link points to says: "When you call customer service, we will ask you to confirm your identity by providing your primary phone number and one other piece of information. Please let us know what you would like to use for your other form of ID." The choices are customer service PIN, your Social Security number, the last four digits of the primary bank account number, the last four digits of the primary credit card number. Choice one lets you create your own six-digit, numbers-only, PIN. The default setting, I guess, it certainly was mine, it was the bank account number. If I only had a credit card registered, I'm guessing it would have been the default. It seems to me, just guessing here, that if Brian in Raleigh, the guy that wrote in at the end of 182, had set up his own unique PIN, the customer service would ask him for that instead of the last four numbers of his credit card. If that's the case, well, everybody should be going there and fixing that.

STEVE: And Leo, it is. I didn't know about it. I went there, and it's there.

LEO: I'm going there right now.
I was in Security Now #480 with a SpinRite testimonial, the first for a while and one of the earliest to feature SSD recovery back in 2014. Little did we know back then that SSDs would need SpinRite as much as spinning disks!
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I was mentioned in episode 704 from 3/9/2019. I wrote in about Spinrite fixing video issues on my security camera files recorded to an SSD. I mentioned using the real time screen quite a bit to see retries, and Steve went into a short discussion of the real time activity screen. I was surprised when I heard my message on air.
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I never got mentioned on SN but my review of Smashing Security was mentioned at the end of episode 233.....
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