Happy Geek New Year ..

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Dec 27, 2020
Pardon me but - If you can spare a moment from ..
  • Helping with Spinrite development
  • Lurking on SQRL forum waiting for the world to adopt the best authentication method ever devised
  • Tweaking your Distributed Networking Client for optimal performance assisting Protein mapping for Covid vaccine innovations
  • Adjusting a Fedora partition allocation which didn't quite cut it for the newest OS update
  • <Insert your programming language / project / hacking of choice here> Programming
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Trying to hide a mouse from the family cat (yeah that happened, we got an early New Years pressy from the house guardian, and I'm not too quick after a few Violet Gins', but Mickey survived ((so far))
Happy New Year to all denominations 🥳

I'm sure it will be filled with many more Security foibles we can all laugh at, and hopefully avoid being seduced by.

Edit : Apologies for those who have to catch up when the world spins round a bit more to hit midnight, and the virtual fireworks go wooosh! :)
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