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Well-known member
Sep 17, 2020
Melbourne, Australia
Those of you who were testing in the earlier days would remember an incarnation of freeDOS that was titled SpinDOS.

It had a few extra features such as power commands which I feel might be useful especially for those of us who are using Zimaboards with no power buttons.

Is it worth merging the two together?
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I'm not recalling things the way you are, @DarkwinX.

To the best of my recollection, “SpinDOS” was never more than my tweaking FreeDOS to be tolerant of non-FAT formatted drives and partitions. There was some of that early on, but I added more a few months ago.

There is a FreeDOS command “fdapm” (which stands for FreeDOS Advanced Power Management) that comes in quite handy when it's combined with a few "aliased" command shortcuts. For example, my autoexec.bat files always contain:

alias reboot=fdapm warmboot
alias shutdown=fdapm poweroff
alias off=fdapm poweroff
(I also have...)
alias eda=edit c:\autoexec.bat
alias edc=edit c:\config.sys

So, this allows me to perform a reboot with the command "reboot" or to power off the machine with the command "off". And if I want to edit the autoexec.bat file, the command "eda" does that. :)
I guess I remembered it being more than the Blue themed DOS. I tried to spin it up again to see if there was anything else but I could not get it to load.

Oh well!

For those looking to add fpadm to their GRCDOS USB you can grab it from the FreeDOS archive GitLab