GitHub Copilot on low level code, C and MASM

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Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
So previously I shared some code that I got assistance from ChatGPT3 where it help me write some assembly. It made enough mistakes where it never would've been able to work had I not had enough knowledge beforehand to fix it. At a few points I had to really break things down to get it to helpful answers. Then a few people on these forums also pointed out a few things to help with the assembler side. So it was generally productive. That was the free version of ChatGPT3. I've bought access to ChatGPT4 and I've had it right a few programs in C and C++. I haven't had it do much in assembly besides hello world. YouTube is a buzz about GitHub Copilot, so I am going to see if it can write low level code in C and MASM. I asked ChatGPT4 about the capabilities of copilot and it claimed that could help in C and C++, but it said that assembly was more of a niche and it might be less effective. I still don't know that much about operating systems and I don't know that much about Windows internals yet. I just recently figured out how to do some things of the memory manager, so basically I'm taking suggestions for small simple programs dealing with Windows Internals to see how Copilot does. Any who, I let you know the results.