Evernote problems

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Incorrigible Inquisitor
Sep 28, 2020
I've been using Evernote for a number of years, I guess probably originally following a recommendation from Steve or Leo. In which case there should be a few users here. It's always done the job though sometimes creating duplicate notes probably as a result of a synchronisation failure. As a mature product it's disappointing they never seem to have got that sorted.

But lately, updates to a couple of notes (to which I continuouly append) have got lost - very annoying. And as of yesterday, suddenly it's demanding payment for access by more than one device.

I've always only used the free tier and I can't blame them for requesting payment for access from multiple devices, but withdrawing support for this without notice is not on.

Does this accord with other people's experience? What is anyone else doing about it? I'm experimenting with Joplin which seems very similar, and have successfully imported all my notes with just a few glitches to do with tables not coming across properly - fairly easily fixed - though not yet sorted out a satisfactory free sync strategy.

- Philip
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