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Oct 4, 2020
Hi @Steve ,

I've written an Ubiquiti ER-X and Ubiquiti Access Point setup guide. You featured this document in SN #641 and in #649. You have also added links to it on your linkfarm page. I've tried to contact you several times, but that didn’t seem to work.

I would appreciate it if you would update your cached (linkfarm) document. It is 22 commits and 77 pages behind. There are still people who try to use the cached copy instead of my updated copy, and it just creates confusion.

It might also be time for another mention on SN. There is probably still some interest.

Thanks for a great and enduring SN podcast,
-Mike Potts
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There are 3 links on the linkfarm page. The first two point to your Git repo. The 3rd is an archive of the PDF as it was when the entry was created, just in case your repo disappears. I think most folks will have the inclination to take the first link and go directly to the current version on Github. It's not reasonable to think @Steve will be keeping up with all the commits to the PDF and updating the cached local copy on a regular basis. He has many other things we'd rather he pay attention to.

Kudos for the guide! I'm sure it has helped many people.
The solution here, would be to have the PDF have a link at the top saying "This copy is dated __date__ and may have been updated, check for the latest version __here__" ? Then Steve could update to that version and in he future people might be less confused?
@Steve @PHolder @LinuxNinja I should have been more clear, since late 2017 that (self referencing URL) was added to the guide header, so only one update is being asked for. You would be surprised, every couple of months, somebody will grab (only) the cached copy (which did not have the URL in the header), try to use it, and confusion erupts. I have been keeping the guide up to date. Thanks for your observations.
@mjp66, I too thank you for your setup guide. But... I wish i was setting mine up AFTER you wrote it. I muddled my way through and have mine up running solid for many years now but your guide would have saved me a ton of time figuring things out. I'm also thrilled to see you maintain it as I'm sure to refer to it if I ever need to modify my configuration. thanks a bunch!

@Steve, i'll second the suggestion to make a mention of it on Security Now next time a relevant topic pops up.