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Sep 25, 2020
Tried searching the GRC site for the email archiving software that Steve recommended and got this error: " refused to connect".

Anybody remember what the email archiving software that Steve recommended was?
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Sep 16, 2020
Ontario, Canada
From SN 439 Transcript


STEVE: Yeah. So I have received 53,000 pieces of email from Security Now! listeners over the course of this, what is it, 9.5 years or something. Or maybe we're ninth year, and it's 8.5 years. Anyway. And in addition to that, I had 200,000 other pieces of email because I don't ever want to throw them away. And it's very handy to, like, what was that something or other? And so I go searching through it and find something. Anyway, Eudora was just collapsing completely under the weight of this and had been getting worse and worse and worse for maybe about the last year. Finally this weekend I thought, okay, I have to do something about this.

My point is, the point for bringing this up is I am now, oh, my god, I am in heaven. I found something free which I can recommend to all. I know among our listeners there are people like me. There are people who just want to be able to find a piece of email that they're sure they received or sent 10 years ago, and whatever means they have of managing it now might be causing problems. So, m-a-i-l-s-t-o-r-e dotcom.

There's two versions of this thing. There's Mail Store Server, which is their commercial side, which, eh, it's a couple hundred dollars for five client licenses. And then there's Mail Store Home, which is completely free. And it is unbroken completely free. I mean, it works great. It's what I've ended up using because it was enough for me. I didn't like Mail Store the commercial version, only because it occupied, like, 50 to 100MB for the server component always running in the background, and then the client when you ran it. And I didn't want this thing running on my server because I like getting my mail off of the server, just for security's sake, and having it all be on my own workstation. So basically this is a very nice...

LEO: This is a good idea. I like this.
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Dave New

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Nov 23, 2020
No, but I use Thunderbird running on one of my PC's in the mode that copies all email from my IMAP provider's server, and then that PC is backed up online via BackBlaze. Thunderbird uses Unix 'mbox' mailbox format, so I figure that other mail readers will be able to access my archives in the future. I have email dating back to 1993, which means I have archives from when I was using Eudora on various dial-up providers, including Compuserve.
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Oct 1, 2020
I have an archive running on evolution, which also uses Mbox, and it was happy to ingest around 50k of Outlook into it, and also imported old mail as well from an earlier version no problem. Currently easiest is gmail, though i did find i still have a hotmail active, though MS does auto delete all mail after a time, but nothing important was lost.
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