EdgeRouterX and UISP Network Management

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Jan 7, 2021
I'm using the EdgeRouterX essentially as a layer 2 device:

Gbs Internet ONT --> EdgeRouterX Interface 1/Interface 2 ---> Home Router
100Mbs Internet Modem --> EdgeRouterX Interface 3/Interface 4 ---> Home Router
EdgeRouterX Interface 5 (management) ---> Home Router

Interfaces 1, 2 are in a layer 2 VLAN
Interfaces 3, 4 are in a different layer 2 VLAN
Interface 5 is in a 3rd VLAN

Interface 5 has an IP address (for management)

I then have an Ubuntu (ESXi) VM running the Ubiquiti UISP software. It monitors the EdgeRouterX and gives me nice graphs to show me my Internet throughput. It also lets me see if my backup Internet (100Mbs) kicks in.

Both (UISP and ERX) are running the most recent code/firmware (as of 1/1/2023).

Before the last ERX firmware my UISP instance would lose connection to the ERX. Pinging the ERX from the same VM would continue, but increase from about .3ms to upward of 80+ms. At the same time, pings to Google's DNS would remain steady (around 18ms).

I also have UISP "monitoring" (ping only) my home router. It never gets reported by UISP as down. Also, traffic never stops flowing across the ERX.

I was hoping the firmware upgrade would fix this, but now that I'm on the latest, it isn't any better.

Is anyone using an NMS against their ERX?

The ERX is really quite under powered by most accounts. You're probably pushing it harder than it wants to go. If you're stuck on Ubiquity products, try a more powerful router?
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There may be a power saving mode in one of your devices which puts the NIC to sleep if it is not used for xx minutes. It could be worth checking what settings are available.
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