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Jan 7, 2021
Given Comca$t's implementation of data caps (don't get me started!) I decided to throw my ERX both "outside" and inside my home network* to collect throughput data. Walking the MIBs, I'm having difficult time identifying where the aggregate sent (or received) data is stored.

I'm on v2.0.9 of firmware

From the ERX, if I go to the Dashboard and mouse-over the Tx Rate graph, I can see my current "TOTAL AMOUNT" is 399.69GB . If I go to Ubiquiti's cloud controller (UNMS), it lists the total sent as 372.3GB and total received as 24.9 GB (total 398.2) so I'm assuming those are the same numbers with some delay in reporting.

So, what I'm trying to do is run Cacti on one of my Rasp Pi's to graph this. When I walk the MIBs, I don't see anything close to 372 GB or 399GB. The highest value I see is around 800,000,000 so clearly nowhere near 3xx GB's. Any idea if these values are user-accessible? FYI, the base MIB address is . .

Ubiquiti's forums are very old on the subject (last discussion on MIBs that I'm finding is about 3 years old).

By the way, I'm having some issues with the poller on Cacti, so I am not married to using it. I just happened to try it first. Today is January 7th, so I'm on track to hit ~1.8TB . Honestly, I have a difficult time believing Comca$t's "5% effected customer" propaganda. I'm working from home and do have several computers running, but they are just sitting on web pages. I am streaming CNN most of the day and probably spend 2 hours a day on Zoom, but if that's using nearly 2TB, then a MUCH higher proportion of people would be hitting the cap (which I believe is more realistic).

*As far as where it sits on my network, I don't want to configure the ERX as my primary router because, right now I want to be able to move it around. As such, I partitioned off a layer-2 VLAN which sits between my broadband modem and router and a layer-3 VLAN that sits inside my network (so I can reach it to monitor).
Try the reddit forum r/Ubiquiti. It's pretty active and has good info.
So you can't ask the company that makes the ERX? That's good to know for when I'm next shopping.
I opened a ticket Friday, but haven't heard anything.
Try the reddit forum r/Ubiquiti. It's pretty active and has good info.
Thanks, I'll take a look. I'm surprised my google searches didn't land over there. It's usually pretty good at indexing Reddit discussions and giving me a related query result
I opened a ticket on this. Ubiquiti responded by telling me where the mib files reside on the ERX. I wrote back with the following:

Thank you, but I have already spent several hours trying to identify the mib. So your solution to me asking where the value is stored is to point me to 50 files and say "it's in there somewhere"?

Their response:

You're welcome.

While this device is for personal use, I manage a very large enterprise network. I'm pretty sure no Ubiquiti device will ever find its way (formally) onto that network with support like that.

So now to read through ALL of the mib.txt's.