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DUckDuckGo Privacy Essentials




I have recently installed this addon in Firefox. It is intended to reduce the ability of sites to track your activities. SO far it has only prevented two sites from responding normally, my bank (surprising) and an IPV6 test site.

Anybody have experience with it?




I have a feeling duckduckgo is not very private based on this I read

Maybe it is time for someone to make an open source search engine....

I would not trust that search engine for privacy....there is also "improving.duckuckgo.com" phoning home every time you use their browser.

EDIT: I thought I would mention the power of blocking domains with the HOST file...So instead of using browser extensions/add-ons to block potential harmful tracking/malware, you can just use your HOST file to block them. There are many free services that provide host file lists (like you block origin) but it is best to do it inside your OS instead of the browser... one free provider of a host file is this one https://github.com/EnergizedProtection/block

In the browser you mostly need scripting prevention...this stops zero-day-exploits (or should) like umatrix https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix

There are also solutions like https://horizondatasys.com/reboot-restore-rx-freeware/ where if you catch any exploit, at the next boot up, it gets deleted...

So don''t rely on a search engine that requires people information to give you the best protection.