Dr John Campbell and Vitamin D

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@Simon Zerafa : Without testing one's blood, there's no definitive way to know what input dose will result in what eventual blood level. For me, 10K IU/day gradually raised my levels toward what is presumed to be “too high” (though no one knows about that for sure). So I dropped back to 5K IU/day and watched my level settle in the 50-60 range, which is perfect.

In the absence of blood testing feedback, you should take whatever you're comfortable with — and 4K IU/day of D3 should be completely fine!
I, and my extended family, have been taking Vit D3 5000IU soft gel plus 1000mg Vit C (+15mg zinc) effevescent tablets for over a year now. There's quite a lot of coverage of prophylactic suppliments re Covid on Dr Been's GooTube channel. He covered things like dosage about 6 months ago, and he's aware of Dr John's channel. I've only recently been catching up with his past videos (he does several almost daily) but only recently did I become aware of the importance of taking extra(?) Vit K with the higher Vit D dosage to prevent calcification(?) It seems tablets are available that contain both.

I've found it quite difficult to find good info about all of this, especially in the current world circumstances? I worked, and trained, for a decade after leaving college in a medical teaching lab in Cambridge University UK. But that was back in the day before 'big business' got involved with the universities etc. and I moved on to more 'non-living' technical things and eventually the Web. It seems the established health and gov institutions don't want to discuss anything other than vax's at the mo?

BTW - it seems strange now when I recall that one of my 'duties' for a few months, as a lab tech for a research group in our dept, was to go over the road to the Computing dept. with a supplied copy of typewriter text. If there was a machine available in the noisy punched card room, I'd settle down at one of the huge machines to copy each line of the text onto a card, leave the stack of cards there (hopefully in the correct order!), and pick up the report on my way to work in the morning. Since doing a computing degree as a 'mature student' many yrs later, I now realise I was writing FORTRAN code to the cards and leaving them to be run over-night on the Camb Uni mainframe - one of the largest in the country at the time. :)