Does Spinrite work on SD cards?

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New member
Jan 1, 2023
I have a Dell XPS desktop that has 4 built-in SD card readers on the top front. I see it in Windows, and Valide Drive sees and says it's OK.
When I boot my Spinrite USB flash drive, Spinrite doesn't see it.
I thought those SD card readers were USB. Should I get a USB card reader?

Thanks, Mark
I thought those SD card readers were USB. Should I get a USB card reader?
SD cards (at the hardware level) are quite a mess. And since there's never been any standardization at the PCI bus register level there's nothing for SpinRite to support. IF a machine's BIOS supports its own SD cards then SpinRite should, too. But since your SD card is not showing up, it's likely that your machine's hardware needs support from a machine-specific driver... which I doubt SpinRite will ever offer.

So, yes, the right solution would be to use an SD card to USB adapter to make those SD cards visible. During SpinRite's testing we fussed around with SD card adapters and we generally had success. (y)
Did you insert the SD card before booting into FreeDOS? That's required for SpinRite to have any chance of seeing it.
I can see my SD card in spinrite. Just get an SD (or microSD if that's what you have) to USB adapter. But then it might still depend on how the machine sees the USB device. Here's what I got, and it worked absolutely fine with a 128GB microSD card as well:
EDIT: Here's one for full sized SD cards:
EDIT2: Actually I guess that reader supports both micro and full SD: "SD, Micro SD, M2, and MS slots"
If you can see your SD Card in SpinRite then it should work. This would mean that the machine's BIOS provides SD card support. But that may not be common. So, as @0x6A7232 said, an SD card to USB interface will almost certainly work. During development, Colby (who replied up-thread) and others used a number of SD card interfaces with success. (y)