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Oct 10, 2020
Kind of confused here, all these servers show up in DNSBenchmark as not working. BUT PiHole on this same network is using google. I can manually configure clients with google or Q9 and they work. At first I ran DNSBenchmark in wine under ubuntu and got this result but tried it again in windows, same computer. I can reach these fine it seems, what gives?


Background; I've been running pfBlockerNg for ages but lately it's blocking some stuff I need, some of the lists now require subs and I'm getting alerts for it. Always thought the managemnt of pfBlocker was a hassle too, so I thought I would return to PiHole for a little while as I like it's UI. I spun up a new VM in my ESXi box and stuck PiHole on it. Changed my DHCP DNS entry to the PiHole and clients are using it and things are working, client DHCP shows only the PiHole for DNS.
Answer; somewhere along the lines either I or pfBlocker added redirect rules to force DNS to pfBlocker. Those don't get removed when pfBlocker is removed, making me think I added them and forgot about them. The real mystery is how was pihole able to resolve if all that was blocked.
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