December Hacking Events

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David N.
Sep 18, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Rather than programing challenges with Advent of Code, I thought I'd list a few different (FREE) hacking events. Challenges range from very easy to (very?) hard. Some of the stories and can be cringeworthy, but the challenges are good. Have fun if you decide to try any or all of these events! :cool:

Advent of Cyber 3
Started December 1st

Beginner friendly.

Web challenges the first week. Later will include networking, OSINT, Cloud, and Blue Team.

OverTheWire Advent CTF 2021
Starts December 7th

While Over the Wire is not new to me, their Advent challenges are.

SANS (Institute) Holiday Hack Challenge ~KringleCon
Starting sometime during the second week of December 2021.

Last years challenge:

Cheat Sheet:
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