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I have a distinct memory of him talking about something related, but I don't think he has discussed this specific vulnerability, at least I find no evidence of that specific CVE. I know he has mentioned other secure boot issues, and UEFI driver compromises in the last couple of years.
I haven't talked about that one, Mervyn. I don't have any strong reasoning for not having mentioned it, though I don't recall exactly when I saw it and what other news it may have been competing with. And also, it may have been my own bias, since I've never really bought into the whole secure boot concept. It has always felt like Microsoft spending a huge amount of effort on something that's not really a large problem (compared to so many of their other problems that are) and that it cannot really be fixed -- as we continually see bypasses and ways around it and mistake being made there. It's certainly not "one and done."
I've never really bought into the whole secure boot concept
Perhaps you could share all your concerns about secure boot in an episode when there is a quiet news week? I am sure listeners would be interested. I don't think Microsoft is going to resolve it until the first half of this year. As I understand it, the "workaround" they have at the moment, is to add a registry key manually. This will make all backups unusable, and any recovery boot media you have also unusable. Even a reformat & reinstall the OS will not work after this "fix"! (KB5025885)
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