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changing passwords (is hard?)




In the past i've used keypass, lastpass, now i'm using bitwarden.

Especially with the lastpass breach, to be cautious, i'd like to change all my passwords.

this seems like a horrible process as, as far as i can tell, there is no way to
-automatically change passwords
-expire passwords
-generate a report on password dates

it seems like at this point its a very manual process, I feel like there must be something i'm missing, so i'm asking for help here. (after searching bitwarden for a while)
I can't believe that I can't mark a bunch of passwords "to be changed" or at minimum generate a report of passwords older than a certain date, it should be trivial and useful.

thanks in advance,




I just exported my BitWarden vault to JSON and there are no dates in there, so I can't even build you a tool to help I'm afraid.




The same pain happens when you need to change your email address. Went through that 7 years ago.

PasswordSafe user for 15 years 300+ unique passwords.




Fortunately, I never went to LastPass. I am using BitWarden which I'm not sure I like it asking if I want to save passwords every single time...I still have KeePass(;




I just checked my Bitwarden desktop (Windows) app and online vault and I couldn't find a password expiration setting either. It might be a thought to request that feature from Bitwarden. From SN they seem to be responsive to good suggestions from users. I used the Firefox extension for a while and then removed it, opting to use the manual cut/ paste with a short time to clear the clipboard. The extension didn't auto fill all my sites plus I didn't like having it in the browser anyway. I set it up so once I copy a field or launch a URL Bitwarden minimizes and get itself out of the way. It may be a few more clicks but I've gotten used to it and it works flawlessly on all my sites.



Roger Rabbit

Fortunately, I never went to LastPass. I am using BitWarden which I'm not sure I like it asking if I want to save passwords every single time...I still have KeePass(;
BW only asks if I want to save the password if I have just changed it, or when I am setting up a new login.