BSG, Bab5, SW, ST, or Stargate...any others?

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Oct 1, 2020
What are your favorite Science fiction shows!

My faves are Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica (reimagined) and Star Trek Deep Space 9.

The Expanse is also pretty cool too.
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Star Trek prior to 2009 reboot in order of preference: the next generation, original, enterprise, some of voyager, some of deep space 9. All 10 original and next generation Star Trek movies prior to 2009 reboot.

Star Wars prior to Disney, plus Rogue One, and The Force Awakens

Much of Stargate and Stargate Atlantis unless they're gross.

Some of Buck Rogers
Some of The Six Million Dollar Man
Some of The Bionic Woman
Some of Battle Star Galactica
Some of Knight Rider


Some oldies,
Greatest American Hero
Hard Time on Planet Earth
Knight Rider
Quantum Leap
First few seasons of Sliders
Star Trek TNG and original then Voyager

Childhood's End
The Expanse
Altered Carbon

The good Star Wars shows
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Battlestar Galactica (old and new series, for different reasons)
StarWars (good old ones, including clone wars tv series, but the new movies were a bit painful)
StarTrek (good old ones, newest series and movies leave a lot to be desired)
Shows? or movies?

The 9 movies could probably be super cut into one great movie of a few hours length ... definitely need to remove all traces of Jar Jar.

Nah I think they should actually go down the planned path and reshoot some stuff for Jar Jar Binks, or Darth Jinx :)

Jar Jar is miles better to me at least than what happened to the old characters in 7-9, but I don't mean to start a flame war over it, 7-9 become watchable to me if one puts the whole set of three movies in some alternate time line, then drinks enough to blunt ones intelligence and just watch it for all the special effects and action. Though maybe there is material on the cutting room floor to make a less bad reworking of the three, for instance with all the cut material from 9 that Daisy, Ian, Mark and others worked hard on. Making a new longer version letting the plot take as much time as it needs to actually make sense, rather than being an epilepsy inducing flashing of random short clips over and over again. Some characters though I don't know if they can be saved, when their dialogue amounts to shouting "Rey!" 90% of the time :)

Sorry about being a old grumpa lumpa.
LOL, someone else who remembers this old "classic"! ;) How about "The Powers of Matthew Star"? and "Automan"?
I grew up in a very rural area and we only had 2 TV channels at that time(TV antenna), these were not on those channels. I never heard of these until now; something to look for. I found The Greatest American Hero on the Roku channel a couple of months ago and started watching them again.
Just remembered another oldie I liked - Street Hawk.
Shows? or movies?

The 9 movies could probably be super cut into one great movie of a few hours length ... definitely need to remove all traces of Jar Jar.
I guess I lumped movies and shows into one.
1-3 are OK, 4-6 are excellent. 7-9 Oh boy, if you watch them with the mindset that they're a knockoff of the Star Wars movies then you can get by. Real SW movies- nah.
The Mandalorian
The Clone Wars series
Rogue One
Just some of my fave sci-fi tv-shows.

Space Rangers (only 1 season ever made)
Space: Above and Beyond
Charlie Jade
V (original version and remake)
Cleopatra 2025 ( bit quirky )
The Tripods
Space: 1999
Altered Carbon
Defying Gravity
Odyssey 5
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Total Recall 2070 (only 1 season ever made)
The Expanse
Recently started getting into Star Trek TNG, been trying to finish before I give Picard a real shot. Have also been watching discovery, it is definitely different but I like it.

I've also been working my way through re watching Stargate and although I love the show, I'm noticing a lot more plot holes than I did when I first watched it.

Always loved Star Wars - was completely ok with the Disney take until they released the last one and it just made me sad. Doing the Rogue One and ANH watch together is spectacular!
Some of the first season of TNG is pretty rough, but that's understandable. It's amazing, overall, with the final episode providing an excellent closure to the seven-season series. That final two-part episode (usually now merged into one), All Good Things, takes place simultaneously in three points in time (though we view it from Picard's perspective in a more-linear way) and contains an overarching plot element directly related to the first episode, S1E1: Encounter At Farpoint.

I love Stargate Atlantis. The writers were superb and the action choreography was provided by an action choreographer who is among the best. I like all five seasons, though the first was a little rough around the edges, as is the first season of a lot of TV shows. When the actor Jason Momoa became a major character (Ronon Dax) early in season 2, he was a good addition to the show. Year after year, SGA's budget increased and the special effects and quality improved accordingly, but by the end of the final season they knew SGA wouldn't be renewed and made some episodes for fun, which worked pretty well. (Brain Storm, with Neil De Grasse Tyson and Bill Nye (as themselves), and Vegas, which was a cool dual-universe "what if <character> hadn't made <x> decision?" show. Very little of Vegas was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, since British Columbia (where all Stargate TV shows are filmed) contains all biomes of Earth, including desert, and it's cheaper to film closer to home.) Oh! Things that occurred in episodes from season 1 are referenced multiple times throughout all succeeding seasons, so don't skip it.

I've had Czech friends (online) who loved it for the Czech character, who talks in Czech when excited or frustrated. Rodney (played by David Hewlett) is Canadian, as is his sister Kate (who plays Rodney's sister Jeannie on the show), so there's some real-life sibling jesting going on there!). The Scottish doctor is played by a Canadian actor. I think his parents had been born in Scotland or something similar.

After the Scottish doctor (my synapses are dying or something, sorry.. I should know his name and that of the actor who plays him) left most of the show to go do his own thing for people in the fictional Pegasus Galaxy, where most Atlantis episodes take place (he was brought back after many people protested his removal at the Vancouver studio), the doctor who was brought in was played by an actor (actress) you'll recognize as the engineer from Firefly. You'll also recognize a hybrid human-Iratus bug Wraith character named Michael by the humans on SGA played by the actor who played Trip, the engineer from Star Trek: Enterprise. If you're familiar with those other shows.

(I learned much of this from DVD extras and/or director's commentaries for episodes on the DVDs, including that the second-highest-paid actor for anything filmed in Canada must be Canadian.)

Most of the actors from SGA can be seen in the movie written and directed by David Hewlett entitled A Dog's Breakfast, including Christopher Judge, who had a couple of appearances in Stargate Atlantis in his Teal'c role from the Stargate:SG1 TV series. Kate Hewlett, David's sister, plays the sibling role in ADB as well. The actor who played the Scottish doctor plays a couple of roles, and a few other familiar faces from SGA make brief appearances. I watched A Dog's Breakfast the day after I streamed the feature-length film Stargate Continuum, and I noticed that the cereal box prop used in the beginning of ADB was the same one used at one point in SC. I think they allowed David H. to use some of the SGA set in ADB, too, though most was filmed in a house that was for sale and was about to be moved into by its new owners, IIRC. It had to be filmed in a hurry, so it was helpful that the actors had experience working together.

If I've left out anything major, please feel free to chime in. Thanks!

Oh yeah! In the episode(s) where a replicator gets loose on Earth, she's played by the actor who had formerly played the Purple Power Ranger. Ahh, connections.
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I still get sad when I see reruns of the Star Trek reboots with Anton Yelchin ... I really liked his character and it's such a pity he died so young (in such a shitty way.)
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If I've left out anything major, please feel free to chime in.

Although I'm happily married and getting older, I can still appreciate the fact that these shows had some attractive and smart women. Please keep any replies to this civil.

Star Trek TNG - Beverly Crusher

Star Trek TNG - Deanna Troi

Stargate and Sometimes Stargate Atlantis - Samantha Carter

Stargate - Janet Fraiser

Stargate Atlantis - Jennifer Keller

Stargate Atlantis - Teyla Emmagan

Star Trek TNG - Deanna Troi

Agreed. She can be quite attractive. I was SO happy when the finally - in season three(?) - managed to find a uniform that was flattering to her.

I totally understand that, like any man or woman, her visual appeal is not universal. As I said, and IMO, she can be quite attractive.

BUT, in one of the funnier dissenting opinions I saw somewhere (maybe even an old NewsGroup), someone wrote:

Troi is a dog and should be shot...


It was mean. But, the way it was written, it just cracked me up!
[Without HTML priv's, a table was the only way to get the indentation.]

P.S., You forgot Dax.
Yeah. I remember that episode. Didn't like that one so much. Don't really want sex scenes in my sci fi. Generally, I like that series though.