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Sep 30, 2020
I thought @Steve and others might appreciate a couple of tips for dealing with lots of browser tabs. I know @Steve has said on the podcast a few times that he routinely has many tabs open. I can relate. I currently have about 500, yes five hundred, tabs open. This is sort of my master big picture on the universe topics to research or being researched list. So, as an example, I might be researching propane generators, prepping, covid, alternate energy, solar, Nikola Tesla, art, music, and so on. I have developed a method to SORT OF keep them organized and accessible. I don't have all 500 tabs in one window. They're organized into separate windows by topic, each of which may have 5-25 tabs or more. I know @Steve has mentioned the Tree Style Tab plugin in Firefox and I've used that at times. But, more recently, I've been using Brave. In Brave, I use the Tabs Outliner extension. It's not exactly the same as Tree Style Tab, but it's somewhat similar. Unless you disable the feature, it stores a history of all tabs you open, possibly going back years. So, watch what you open. This was quite helpful today, though, since my PC crashed. I'm using that function to go and reopen all 500 tabs, one window (with all its associated tabs) at a time. Sometimes, but not always, if you have a crash, you can immediately go into the menu in Brave, then history, then restore previous session. You can do the same thing in Firefox. But, if you don't do so right away, you lose the opportunity. That didn't work in this case, so I'm resetting everything a window at a time.

I've also developed a window organization system that works for me in Windows 7. I don't know for sure if it works in other OS's. First, I right click on the taskbar, properties, and put the task bar on the right. Then, I grab the border and make it wide enough so 6 of the little icons in the system tray will fit in the width of the task bar. On my screen, that appears to be about 1.25 - 1.5". I turn off auto hide for the task bar, turn on small icons, and lock the task bar. See the picture below and keep reading below that. Note that each icon here is a browser window, with multiple tabs inside. Once I go to the window, I can see the tabs.


You may notice that each task is labeled with a topic. This label will take on the title of whatever tab is left selected. So, I add a new tab in the browser and in the address bar I type the topic of the window as though it's a file. Like c:solr1 (for solar 1), for example. It won't find the file as it doesn't exist. However, that tab still takes on that title. So, on the task bar, I see file:///c:/solr1, for example. I leave that tab selected before switching to another window. In this way, I can see the topic of each browser window in the task bar. In order to make it work, I just have to open new tabs in their appropriate window. If I open a tax tab in the solar window, that doesn't work.

I hope you find this interesting and helpful. It just occurred to me while restoring my windows from the crash that this info might be helpful to others. So, I thought I'd share.

May your bits be stable and your interfaces be fast. :cool: Ron
Thanks for sharing.

I use TreeStyle tabs in FF with vertical tabs. The addon Tab Session Manager keeps track of them all, and allows previous version to be reopened going back about a month.

The file:///c:/solr1 trick does not work in FF, so I just use a New Tab (or the top web site or search name - not shown in the picture below). Edge is my secondary browser and the file:///c:/solr1trick works there but it does not currently support nesting.


The combination of vertical tabs, TreeStyle Tab Manager and Tab Session Manager in FF is my must have working mode.


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@Bplayer You're welcome. I turned off nesting in Tree Style Tab just because I didn't like the way it worked. But, to each his / her own. You can type something like c:mytopic in the address bar in FireFox. If you leave that tab selected, it will show c:mytopic in the icon for that window in the Windows Task Bar. If you do the same thing in Brave, it shows up as file:///c:/mytop... or something like that. It may run out of space to display it. But, you don't put the file:///c:/ in the address bar. It just comes up with that. Not sure about how Edge works. I don't use it nor Internet Explorer.

May your bits be stable and your interfaces be fast. :cool: Ron
It must be some FF setting that produces a different result here. After entering c:mytopic in the address bar, and leaving that tab, the tab still shows New Tab. Pressing enter performs a search and then the tab shows c:mytopic at DuckDuckGo.
@Bplayer Interesting. I did a few little experiments.

If I type c:mytopic in the FireFox address bar and hit enter, it does indeed do a Google search, which I don't care about for this purpose. But, the window title with that tab selected ends up being c:mytopic - Google Search -- Mozilla Firefox. So, the net result is that c:mytopic ... ends up being displayed in the Windows Taskbar icon with much of the last part cut off.

If I type c:\mytopic (with the backslash) in FireFox and hit enter, the screen says file not found and the Windows Taskbar says Problem Loading Page.

If I type c:mytopic in Brave and hit enter, it goes to a file not found screen and file:///c:/mytop ... ends up displaying in the Windows Task Bar icon. Under those conditions, it doesn't do a search. If I just type mytopic in the address bar, it would search Google for that.

If I go to DuckDuckGo and then search for c:mytopic in either Brave or FireFox, the Windows Taskbar icon ends up being c:mytopic at Duc ...

Not sure what's happening in your case if that doesn't show up. Maybe the DuckDuckGo plugin is intercepting it or something. Also, the Windows Taksbar icon on my system takes on the title of the tab left selected when I leave the browser window and go to another window. So, if you want the Windows Taskbar to show "topical" titles, you have to leave your "title" tab selected in the browser before switching windows. Good luck.

May your bits be stable and your interfaces be fast. :cool: Ron
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Thanks for the clarification. Our DuckDuckGo results are the same. It was not clear that you were hitting enter to get file:///c:/mytop displayed by Brave. So all good.
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