Book recommendation: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

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New member
Oct 4, 2020
Dear Steve, I bought my first copy of Spinrite in 1989 or 1990 have been a big fan of your diverse interests ranging from tech to sci fi and health since. I wanted to thank you for sharing and to let you know of a very interesting book I have recently read which you might enjoy. It is titled Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker; I found it filled another knowledge hole around the whole overall health issue alongside keto, exercise, and supplements such as Vit D.
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@Rezaff I've read a good portion of that book in audio form. It has lots of good info and I recommend it as well. It has a fair amount of evolutionary info that won't appeal to Christians. However, other than that, it's very interesting.

I haven't read the book, but there is a video with Matt Walker being interviewed by Joe Rogan. The video is the two of them sitting for the interview so the audio portion is more 'portable'.