Automating Spinrite on a NAS?

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Nov 9, 2020
Back when I had a NAS setup (A QNAP one!, glad it's no longer in use!) I used to worry about the drives degrading over time and data corruption etc.
I always wanted to have the ability to run Spinrite over them without having to power down the NAS or degrade the array by pulling a single drive to Spinrite it.
Then I had a thought, would it be possible to write a Spinrite loader for a NAS (appliance or home-made) that does some clever stuff to do it automatically without the need for a seperate machine?

My thinking went something like this:
Define a window or have some logic detect when the NAS was usually not in use or ready to enter a powersave mode
In that window, allow a drive (or all drives using individual VMs spun up for each drive) to be Spinrite'd
If a request for data comes in, the NAS can stop Spinrite and access the drives to do it's job
Spinrite can then be resumed on any drives that were not fully scanned as the NAS goes idle again

I'm not sure it's something that could be done with a NAS appliance as I suspect this would require pretty low-level access to the OS.
Possibly do-able on a home-grown setup running something like FreeNAS using some scripting?
In theory, Steve could partner with NAS manufacturers and help them achieve this in return for them chipping a huge chunk of change into his retirement fund that he'll never use since he'll never retire. :D

Wouldn't you love to see that though when buying a NAS appliance?
Drobo 8-bay NAS with Spinrite technology :)

PS, how do you tag people? I'd love to tag Steve to see his thoughts...