Apple T2 chip security vulnerability disclosed

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    Another heads-up for anyone who's interested in remaining current with SpinRite as it moves from pre-release to final v6.1. The DOS executable "SRPR.EXE" now being offered by GRC's pre-release page has been updated to Pre-Release #5. Only one error was found in RC4: When the log exceeded more than 113,359 lines, the oldest lines were not being discarded from the on-screen "scroll-back" buffer. That's fixed in RC5. Otherwise, so far as anyone knows, SpinRite 6.1 is finally ready for the world. This interim FAQ page has pre-release downloading details.
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Anyone seen this report?

Basically, there‘s a bug with Apple’s T2 chip that makes Mac vulnerable to Evil Maid attack. Since the T2 chip is the latest technology from Apple to secure their Macs, this means all Macs are currently vulnerable?

So far, no word from Apple...
It's real, and it's unfixable. Not sure if there is much more that can be meaningfully said.

Apple doesn't own up to bad keyboard design, does anyone think they'll own up to a fatal security flaw that can only be fixed by doing a recall and desoldering and replacing a chip?