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    Another heads-up for anyone who's interested in remaining current with SpinRite as it moves from pre-release to final v6.1. The DOS executable "SRPR.EXE" now being offered by GRC's pre-release page has been updated to Pre-Release #5. Only one error was found in RC4: When the log exceeded more than 113,359 lines, the oldest lines were not being discarded from the on-screen "scroll-back" buffer. That's fixed in RC5. Otherwise, so far as anyone knows, SpinRite 6.1 is finally ready for the world. This interim FAQ page has pre-release downloading details.
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What could possibly go wrong?
Nov 7, 2020
I'd just like to remind all certified professionals "consuming" Security Now and other such podcasts that their CPE requirements can include podcasts.

My annual CPE requirement with ISC2 is being fulfilled with type A CPEs logged for listening every week to SN. And I have been audited on the podcast topic which was a short and sweet email exchange.

Given the slowdown in certain networking events, I was happy to be able to meet my goals and I thought it worth sharing (y)
Allow me to ask, what's a CPE?

I know that CEP stands for Candidate to the Engineering Profession. But no clue what's CPE…
@Steve .... I think I was in before the masses :;D

It used to be the case until about 3 years ago that (certainly ISC2) podcasts were not categorised and you had to shoehorn your CPEs into a different category. I've been putting SN in for my CPEs on my CISSP since 2011 (when I did the exam). Achieving CPE goals is easy given the annual contribution from you, @Steve (y)

I should have gone to Twitter to notify you :D :D

And I have been audited in 2020 for podcasts. Not SN but the one with the former Naked Security guy (notice the capitalisation!) as mentioned in the first post. Maybe that's when ISC2 added podcasts....
I've taken ISC2 exams and recently passed the CISSP. I've known answers to a couple of questions just from listening to Security Now.
@Steve The CISSP Official Study Guide, 9th edition, features 3 Dumb Routers on page 384, chapter 9 about Security Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Countermeasures

That's in addition to the chapter 8 mention of SN-646 :D

You've arrived, at last :D :D :D


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