6.1 or 7.0

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Roger Rabbit

Jan 3, 2021
Your use of the word worthless is what I was taking exception to. SQRL may not be your cup of tea, but it is far from worthless. Anyway... my greater point was that there is no point acting entitled... no one is entitled to SpinRite other than for the grace of @Steve's kindness to continue to work on it for free. (Much as he worked on SQRL for free.)
If it is of no use, it has no value. If it has no value it is worthless. It would implement it in a heartbeat if my bank, brokerage firm, investment accounts, etc., etc., utilized it, but none do. Even though in theory it represents a significant step in securing logins the lack of implementation.

I use BitWarden, because it provides a service, securing and managing my passwords/logins, thus it has value. To implement SQRL as a one-off solely to log into this forum is a little excessive.

SQRL would be my "cup of tea", if it had value. Aside from this forum and probably the SQRL forum, where is it actually implemented?

Today, SR is worthless to me. It had value at one time because it worked, but no longer works on anything I own, and none if it is that high end or exotic. Off the shelf laptop with i5 and 500G drive, nope. Referb tower with 1T drive, nope.

As for Steve working on SR for "free", I believe that is a commitment he made early on in his development and enhancements to SR. The link to buy SR still states "Any software purchased or upgraded online can be replaced or updated to its latest version at any time." Generous of Steve, but something we also paid for.
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Sep 16, 2020
Ontario, Canada
If it is of no use, it has no value. If it has no value it is worthless
Then you sir, are worthless, because you offer no utility on this site or to me personally... See how that feels? It's a very hostile approach to life.

The SpinRite upgrade promise is to the latest point update of the current version. I personally would encourage Steve to call the next version 7.0 and charge a healthy upgrade on the order of $50 or more... but it's his business and he feels he's honour bound to label it 6.1 so he will give it away free to anyone who bought 6.0. I applaud his sense of honour, but make no mistake, he never promised original 6.0 purchasers,15 or more years ago, that he would do this.
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Sep 30, 2020
I'm a hopeless pedant much of the time. I'm also someone who dislikes Zoom very much for some reason. I'm currently very tired and hungry, both of which make memories very difficult to recall, if in fact I know why I dislike Zoom even after they got their privacy act together, if it did to the point of E2EE.

It's a shame that Google Duo supports only up to 32 viewers/conversation contributors for the host. E2EE supported using the Signal method, but must have a google account for full E2EE to the convo participant/viewer's device.

and other insights I cannot think of because I can't think.