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  1. Topographic0cean

    File Sync Recommendations?

    Are you using the community relays or do you sync directly from one to the other?
  2. Topographic0cean

    Syncthing across the internet

    Steve recommends syncthing as the best overall file synchronization software. I can see why as it does have a lot of great features and seems to work well. Certainly on a local network it seems safe and easy to setup. Has there been any discussion of using syncthing across the internet...
  3. Topographic0cean

    The Orville

    I have only watched season 1 so far. Like a lot of others, I found it just OK -- better than many other shows but not great. The problem is that it is trying to be both a comedy and Star Trek. Since the writers never really commit to either, you are left with moments of good humor...
  4. Topographic0cean

    Steve's Favorite Utilities, Gadgets & Services looks good but does not have Linux support which means it is not for me. I wrote to them a few months ago, but they stated they have no plans at this time to work on one. I will stick to Dropbox for now using Veracrypt to make sure important files are encrypted end to end.