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    SD Card and Spinrite

    I will take a guess that this is an older card, and the erase is failed on the cells, so the card cannot erase the blocks to write new data. The reason the format and delete work is because Windows caches the data for the directory, using it instead of the card content to minimise reads to the...
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    Defending against cellphone spying

    Well, with 4G you do have a separate voice data path, which uses the exact same systems as data, just it is split out by the tower from the bulk data, and processed as high priority data internal to the cell provider. Thus you can disable data, though you will find that the data channel still...
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    email security

    Yes, my bank used to send a statement as an "encrypted" email, which was just putting the statement in a PDF, without any sort of encryption. Most now seem to have at least moved to encrypting the PDF, which is much better, though only the one bank went the whole hog and used encryption, with...
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    Spare track percentage on a hard disk?

    Simple way to implement the storage is to use unallocated clusters, either those spares used to align a partition table, or just file system spare space. Those are available and unused, so will be a convenient place to assign to store scratch data, as you only write a block there, then do the...
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    Spare track percentage on a hard disk?

    Question is, a reallocated sector will be what, 4k, 8k, 16k of data. Just what part of a sensitive file from the most common document types ( zip, JPG, any office document) will you be able to actually use as just a 4/8/16k section, out of perhaps the smallest document. Smallest Openoffice...
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    Hard drive storage

    Not from those, though I did shatter a few, the more modern ones are really thin these days.
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    Hard drive storage

    Got a couple of cardboard wine boxes full of drives, the ones that failed a quick SMART test and a full scan were placed in the one pile, and had the boards stripped off, the drive itself opened and I took them for scrap metal. I do now have a big collection of neodymium magnets on the fridge...
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    Side channel when using Signal on Android?

    The metadata is often more useful than the actual message content. You will be tracked, if a person of interest, either in real time, or via stored info from cellular providers after the fact, and thus your meetings will be all tracked. No need to get the keys to the conversations, it is easier...
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    Remote Support Solutions

    I also seem to have stopped getting the "your windows PC has issues, I am here to help you". Seems to have stopped at the exact time I cancelled the wired phone line. Scam calls were the only thing I got on the line, and at the time dry DSL was not offered by the monopoly fixed operator...
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    Closed Strange Issues with PC After ReadSpeed Use

    No need to reflash the BIOS, simpler to go into the BIOS and load the optimal or default values, which will restore the as factory settings. Then you can just save and exit, or customise any settings ( like boot order, splash screen or any overclocking you have) before doing so, but probably...