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  1. renWeb

    How to edit profile banner

    Can't find any 'help' for this - the browser console just gets full up with 1000's lines of html/JS? See attached
  2. renWeb

    Vitamin D supplier in UK?

    This site is giving me intermittent screen black-outs on Firefox - to the point when it is un-usable? It seems to be another US-based multi-national company so.... I think I'll stick to the UK guys up country - and they don't charge any extra for P+P :-/
  3. renWeb

    Dr John Campbell and Vitamin D

    I, and my extended family, have been taking Vit D3 5000IU soft gel plus 1000mg Vit C (+15mg zinc) effevescent tablets for over a year now. There's quite a lot of coverage of prophylactic suppliments re Covid on Dr Been's GooTube channel. He covered things like dosage about 6 months ago, and he's...
  4. renWeb

    Vitamin D supplier in UK?

    Hi Airchie. I got mine via eBay from chia4uk who are 'up North' in Newcastle - I supplied my whole extended-family. You can't get anything over 1000IU from high street places like Boots in the UK without a prescription ( I wonder why that might be :-/ ) . Been taking them over a year now with...