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    Linux is going great

    I just took a quick look at and bookmarked it for later. We have Linux courses at work, but the way they are set up and the usually dumb questions they ask on tests don't get along with me. I learn much better when I run into an unknown and then search out the answer, and usually...
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    Linux is going great

    Listening to the constant Windows woes on SN, I am using Ubuntu booting off a USB drive. I still use Windows 10 but for some time have been thinking of keeping Windows on an old machine and using some version of Linux going forward. Ubuntu is pretty easy to navigate and I don't mind command...
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    Authy, Google Auth., MS Auth., Other???

    I've been using Authy. I've never used others outside of work but so far no complaints or problems with Authy. I have it installed on my iPhone but almost always use it from my Apple watch instead.
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    Spinrite and flash drives

    I just ran across this minutes ago, some of you may know about it already. has a lot of info on various memory cards and their specs. Even more interesting is a format utility for Windows and MAC. According to them using your OS format utility is not as good as using their utility...
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    Unable to Read Micro SD Card

    I rechecked and the power saver for USB is disabled for both battery and AC. I don't know if it is related, but I did disable power saving for PCIe. I'll try it again and see what happens. I disabled the USB power saver a while back because I sometimes use a computerized battery analyzer...
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    Checking certificate fingerprints

    I took at the Chromium page link above. "Since this policy is intended only to allow additional time to complete the migration away from SHA-1, it will eventually be removed in the first Chrome release after January 1st 2019". A quick search pulled up a number of stories but all a few years...
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    Unable to Read Micro SD Card

    I did an image backup of the Jetflash using Acronis TrueImage hoping to wait for a slowdown in transfer so I could pause it momentarily and see what happened once resumed. It seems Acronis doesn't have that ability, it's run or cancel. I usually start it and walk away. I did run into...
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    Unable to Read Micro SD Card

    Good idea about the cache, and I think I have a way to show the cache may be related to the slowdown. Heat came to mind because I have a flash drive where the manufacturer actually addresses heat control by throttling. I have since installed Umbuntu on the Jetflash, but I believe if I image it...
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    Unable to Read Micro SD Card

    I ran my quick read test again, same video files/ folder with 41.7GB. Copying from the Jetflash back to my laptop seemed to average about 300MB/s and took 2:25. The one review I read concerning write speed said the 'front' of the Jetflash was fast, but not the rest. To test my guess about...
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    Oh noes, I've been pwned....!!!1

    I used to get bogus calls that left voice messages in Chinese. The only thing I understood was they mentioned a bank (forget which). Recently they seem to be getting more creative. Caller ID shows the electric or gas company, no voice messages. I guess they don't keep records of calls that...
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    Unable to Read Micro SD Card

    My Jetflash 512GB showed up today formatted FAT32 out of the box. I reformatted to NTFS just to start with a fresh format. Windows format said exFAT was default and did not offer FAT32 as an option, although I may run initdisk on it. What I did for a not too exact benchmark was copy a folder...
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    Securing a cellphone account

    Looks like my VPN (Proton) does what it is supposed to on my phone. Especially now days it's a good idea to check things, especially security wise, rather than assuming all is OK.
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    What to expect when you can't expect Windows 11 on your PC

    A couple days ago doing updates I got the 'Great news' that my laptop can run Windows 11. I don't know about that given MS's track record.
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    Securing a cellphone account

    Another good test, thanks. I didn't think of ShieldsUp. I do have a profile on the VPN that has a fixed exit server. One or two sites kept saying I was using an unrecognized device (on my laptop) almost every login and annoying me with email verifications and captchas (sp). I know from a...
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    Unable to Read Micro SD Card

    I just remembered a piece of software sitting unused on my laptop for some time. A few years ago I bought a Seagate USB hard drive. I downloaded their software called "Seatools". I did a quick search on Seatools, went to the Seagate site and it is still there for download. I checked and it...