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    "Secure" photo sharing

    Ongoing and one way
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    "Secure" photo sharing

    Hey all, have a question for the community. I'd like to figure out a way to "securely" share photos with my family. I say "secure" because, well, we all know something is secure until it isn't. Here are my thoughts - I'm not opposed to having them in the cloud somewhere but I'd like them...
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    Vitamin D

    I’ve been taking Now Foods 1000IU for a few years now and have recently upped it to 5000iu a few times a week in the winter. I’ve never noticed any adverse effects but remember to always start slow. Too much vitamin D is associated with calcification of the blood (something like that) which...
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    VeraCrypt still the choice?

    I haven't looked into it in a while but I was just thinking that I wanted to create a secure block on my OneDrive and I've always used VeraCrypt for that in the past. Is VeraCrypt still the way to go or is there something better these days?
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    To VPN or NOT?

    I think the main argument for always on VPN is just lack of tracking from the ISP side of where you go. Remember that DNS is pretty transparent right now unless you use one of the encrypted DNS methods and even beyond that you are still connecting to well known IPs to browse the sites. Remember...
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    Protectli vs. Netgate

    It really depends on what you want to do. If you just need to run a lab with some port forwarding then you probably won’t see a reason to invest in it. However, I for example run my network as follows. 1. I run pfblocker on my router, which pfsense has a great package for. 2. I run two OpenVPN...
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    FYI SpinRite's Development Roadmap

    For my particular use case being able to just run spinrite on a USB drive would be huge. If I can run it in a VM on my mac that would be awesome. I don't have much computer hardware around the house anymore aside form a couple laptops and a NAS these days. Main thing I want to do is scan my NAS...